• Let’s face it.  The advice of our friends and neighbors carries a lot of weight when we need to select any professional service.  We are proud that a large portion of our clients find us because someone else has recommended us.  Here’s a recent sampling of what they tell us:


    ****   “…When it came time for the actual court proceedings, I was terrified.  But you stepped in and spoke for me and my family in a way that let me relax because I was in good hands.  Every good wish to you and Beverly for your kind and caring help when I really needed it”.           Melissa P,.  2012
    ***   “We both want to thank you for handling our divorce.  We appreciate that your fees were very fair and that you took care of all of the details so that we could move on with reorganizing our lives.         Linda & Bob H.,   2014
    ***    “I was called in to testify for [the other side], so I had a chance to see you in action. You rock.  If I ever need a lawyer, you’re my guy.”        Aaron S.,   2015
    ***    “It was embarrassing to face bankruptcy and our lives were just falling out of control. Olivia and I worked hard to avoid this.  With little money to spare and with the foreclosure threats, we finally had to swallow our pride and trust someone else to get us out of this mess.  Sometimes God puts people in our lives for a reason, and trusting you was the best decision we could have made. … a good neighbor indeed.  We’re glad to recommend you.”        Paul S.,  2014
    ***    “… it might sound silly but I knew from the moment I saw your business jacket combined with your cool tennis shoes, you were someone who would think out of the box for me.”        Jamie M.,   2015
    ***     “…. sir, I would like to thank you for your patience.”    Jorge R.,  2015



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